Why work with Multistopper®?

Multistopper ist sicher und rutschfest


  • fixed, non-slip and stable

  • high work safety in the kitchen

  • Self-protection through hygienic work

  • No odor/taste transfer


  • dry, airy board underside

  • no formation of germs or odors!

  • in different colors to avoid cross contamination

  • Food safe, FDA and BfR approved

  • Temperature resistant up to 180°C

fixiert, rutschfest und stabil
Clevere Fixierung für Ihr Schneidebrett.


  • suitable working height by stacking

  • easier lifting of the board

  • quick and easy to hand

  • easy to clean, handy


  • first developed and produced in Austria

  • joint-free material (full casting)

  • Length 26.9 cm – Width 3.9 cm – Height 1.2 cm

  • grease and moisture repellent

  • durable and chemical resistant

Der Multistopper wird in Österreich fugenfrei produziert.


  • reduces operating costs and work steps

  • no cost for disposable pads

  • increases the lifespan of the cutting boards

  • in V-style also for narrow sales desks

  • Non-slip pan support up to 180°C

  • 5,000 rinsing cycles (80°C) tested

Multistopper is available in the following colors:

  • White – ready to eat food – cold

  • Yellow – for poultry

  • Green – impure vegetables

  • Red – for red meat

  • Blue – for fish and crustaceans

  • Brown – cooked meat

According to color theory against the spread of germs.

The clear assignment of a color to an area significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination.